Why Coaching

Coaching…it’s not just for executives anymore

The Reality:

  • Organizations are operating at a faster pace than ever before.
  • Senior leaders often lack the bandwidth to provide the guidance and feedback emerging leaders need.
  • Management and leadership skills don’t come naturally to most people.

Compounding this reality is the fact that…

Humans Are Complicated

It’s just hard to see our own behaviors clearly.  Even the lucky few new leaders who receive comprehensive training can struggle to integrate important principles they learn into their real-life practice.

They know micromanagement is bad, but under stress they do it anyway.

They intend to give clear feedback and direction to their team, but don’t recognize the signs that it isn’t actually happening.

They believe they have a big picture strategic focus, but continue to fill their days with firefighting.

Pink plane leading other planes.

Leadership is Hard

No one should be surprised that new leaders and managers struggle.  It’s really hard work. Individualized coaching can provide critical support, skills and perspective to inspire new patterns of thought and behavior.  The role can become more rewarding for the leader and more productive for the organization.

Prepared to Lead in the Press

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