Confidence is critical to emerging leaders’ ability to confront issues head-on. Coaching enables assured, strategic, effective actions by providing a place to anticipate challenges, prepare approaches, and practice execution.


When young leaders feel valued and supported in their own growth, their commitment to the organization grows as well. Retaining talented leaders is a primary focus of coaching programs.


Time is a precious commodity. Confident, prepared leaders leverage it for the entire organization through clear communication and more incisive, efficient, and productive encounters every day.


Leaders who proactively identify and address potential roadblocks, and who actively support and empower team members create strong morale throughout the organization. The strongest performers stay and build a self-reinforcing culture of engagement.


Prepared to Lead is far and away the best management training I've had because it was specifically geared toward my job/needs.
It really was the best thing [my employer] has ever done for me.
Carol's ability to look at various scenarios from different viewpoints with a constructive approach was great.
Brainstorming about specific situations–either after the fact or as preparation–was most valuable.
Conversations with Carol opened my mind up to look at problems, issues, and projects with different perspectives that could lead to more effective solutions.
As a new manager, it was helpful to have some objective feedback from an outside party to encourage my development.

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