Developing Successful Managers and Leaders
…right from the start!

A Personalized Experience

Prepared to Lead specializes in customized one-on-one coaching to help emerging leaders have the impact they want to have. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to leadership development.

Leaders today are all eager to develop:

  • Stronger Leadership Presence
  • Greater Influence
  • More Impactful Communication Skills
  • Empowering Supervisory Techniques

Yet each person has unique talents and tendencies that make developing these skills a highly personal pursuit. Coaching leverages the scarce resource of time to focus exclusively on individual challenges. Unlike traditional training programs, not a moment is wasted on subjects not relevant to your specific needs.

For All Walks of Life

People are often surprised to learn that most leadership and management skills and challenges are universal.  They apply across all industries, regardless of an individual’s area of professional expertise.  Software engineers, biotech scientists, lawyers, salespeople, financial services pros, consultants, and IT gurus all face the same challenges and Prepared to Lead has served them all.  And yet each individual’s path to growth and mastery is different.  That’s why training programs are not enough.


Prepared to Lead is far and away the best management training I've had because it was specifically geared toward my job/needs.
It really was the best thing [my employer] has ever done for me.
Carol's ability to look at various scenarios from different viewpoints with a constructive approach was great.
Brainstorming about specific situations–either after the fact or as preparation–was most valuable.
Conversations with Carol opened my mind up to look at problems, issues, and projects with different perspectives that could lead to more effective solutions.
As a new manager, it was helpful to have some objective feedback from an outside party to encourage my development.

Prepared to Lead in the Press

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